ignis fatuus

stabbed your pain
speared your hurt
the weapon? 
a key straight through Erebus,
cloaked by shining stars,
to a frameless door.
Behind the door, grief lies
awake as you caress her back to sleep
and she stabs your pain.

they flock to the dark, 
blinded by the illusion of light,
a comforting mirage in the desert dry.
want of light plagued
until Erebus became Aether and
a black mirror reflected white
from yearning eyes.

the light exists in the eyes of the flock,
illusory as they stare existence
into nonexistence and
make unreal real and
Darkness continues to cheat
deserving eyes of true light.
the sun becomes a reflection,
and you continue to caress grief
as it stabs your pain.