Edward Anthony, Henry T. Anthony. ca. 1860s, Albumen silver print, Warner Communications Inc. Purchase Fund © 1980, Metropolitan Museum of Art: 1980.1056.3

Onward stretches the day,
As trees in the wind do sway.
'Neath skies steel and gray,
The raindrops are but yesterdays.
Travelling through space and time,
Alighting here, I know not why.
That which gives the body life
Gives also to the mind.

Upon these slick'd streets
Present and past do meet.
The city, still half asleep,
Yet dreams of the distant and the deep;
Of oaken hills and mother's love,
Just beyond reach like the graceful dove.
Heavy with rain, she stops to land
In the palm of my outstretched hand.

Benjamin Schneider is currently an editorial fellow at CityLab, and a freelance writer.